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 Frameless wiper $22 / Customised Korean grade carmat $55

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Daniel Best

Number of posts : 12
Age : 43
Location : East Deviant, Tampines
Registration date : 2008-10-30

PostSubject: Frameless wiper $22 / Customised Korean grade carmat $55   Thu Nov 20, 2008 7:25 am

For those who wish to enquire about any car products/accessories, you can either CONTACT or SMS me at my mobile. Apologies for those who have called me and I didn't pick up your calls as I am in service line and most of the time, I am unable to pick up your calls. You can drop me an SMS and I will try my best to return your reply as soon as I can

Contacts: 96944096 / 96713366

Liqui Moly Car products ( From Germany )

SpeedTec -

Liqui-Moly Speed Tec is a high performance fuel additive that significantly improves acceleration and throttle response by increasing combustion intensity. It’s far more than an octane booster, think of it as an energy drink for your engine – extra boost when you need it.

- Ideal for track days and during conditions of high engine loads.

- Safe and effective for all 2 and 4 stroke petrol engines.

Price : $25

Octane Plus -

It is designed to improve gasoline engine operation in areas where the octane rating (RON) is too low and causes engine knock, pinging, overheating and other problems associated with lowoctane gasoline. Raises the octane rating by up to 4 points.

Price : $25

Fuel Injection Cleaner -

Liqui-Moly Fuel Injection Cleaner removes carbon and other deposits from an engines fuel lines, fuel system components, intake track, injectors, valves, combustion chamber and spark plugs.

- More engine power and less fuel consumption

- Smoother idling and better throttle response

- Restores fuel delivery to address pinging and detonation issues

Price : $18

Throttle Valve Cleaner -

The all-round supplier of auto chemicals from Ulm in Germany has developed a service product which is particularly suitable for cleaning throttle valves. This active solvent dissolves and removes the deposits and contamination such as oil, resin and adhesives which are typically found in the intake system. With the special formulation and, above all, 60 cm long spray extension in the form of a thin, flexible tube, impurities can be removed from inner components just as they can from the injectors.
This cleaner guarantees the proper operation of all moving parts, reducing e.g. fuel consumption.

Price : $48

Valve Clean -

Engines are subjected to extreme loads even under normal driving conditions such as town and ' commuter traffic, short journeys and traffic jams. This sort of use causes the build-up of deposits on valves, in the combustion chamber and in the carburettor. Valve Clean cleans valves, injection systems, intakes, carburettors and combustion chambers and keeps them clean. Clean engines save fuel. Promotes optimum engine performance and fuel utilisation. The combustion produces a lower level of pollutants and the engine is spared. Protects against corrosion and carburettor icing. Tried and tested in turbo-chargers and catalytic converters.

Price : $15

Bosch Iridium Fusion Spark Plug

Bosch has introduced a new spark plug which it says promises ultimate performance and the longest serviceable life.

It's called the Platinum-Iridium Fusion, and the claim is that it not only provides superior operation in all driving conditions, it even surpasses competitor iridium spark plug specifications. As its name suggests, the Fusion combines a patented heat-fused iridium and platinum centre electrode with an exclusive surface gap firing technology.

The latter features multiple spark paths through four yttrium-enhanced ground electrodes, and this delivers the most powerful spark for maximum horsepower. As for service life intervals, the Fusion is claimed to be good to go up to 100,000km.

Price : $75 ( For a set of 4 )

Customisation of Korean grade, 3A & 3M Original Nomad for most car models

I am offering this new service to all car models. Please note that both driver and passenger side comes with anti-slip studs and driver's side with heelrest. Available in red, black, grey, brown, biege and blue.

Price : From $60 onwards - Korean grade, From $50 onwards - 3A grade

* For GE /GD, price will be at $60 due to high material cost for the rear piece *

Price : $135 (standard 11mm ) with boot included $185, $165 ( Superior 15mm ) - 3M Nomad ( 12 months warranty )

* Price for MPV varies *

Frameless -

- New formulated frameless wiper from Taiwan
- Long lasting and lightweight.
- A good replacement for all wiper blade type.

Price : 14' to 16' - $15, 17' to 19' - $17, 20' to 21 - $18, 22' to 26' - $19

- Perfect wiper performance on every point on the windscreen due to the evodium tension

- Long product life cycle due to the even distribution of force

- Quiet wiping due to the proven triple component wiper blade.

Price : $22 ( for all sizes ) - Per pair

* To order, kindly please contact me at 96713366 or 96944096 *

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Daniel Best

Number of posts : 12
Age : 43
Location : East Deviant, Tampines
Registration date : 2008-10-30

PostSubject: Re: Frameless wiper $22 / Customised Korean grade carmat $55   Wed Dec 03, 2008 7:52 am

[b]ITune performance products[/b]

01. 'I' Tune Ignition Earth

Engine performance will be greatly improved due to a more powerful stable ignition cancellation system which is brought about by the 'double effect' of a strengthened earthing system. The noise cancellation filter system will quickly suppresse the unwanted noise when the ignition coil fires for combustion.

[b]Why are Grounding important ? [/b]

A good grounding from the battery to chassis is very important for proper operation in your entire electrical system.

A proper ground, believe it or not, will also aid in your engine idling properly, and that a proper spark gets to the spark plug.

A proper ground will also ensure that your starter works properly
and will actually help lengthen its lifespan.

[b]Problems of not having a grounding system[/b]

The main problem that I have seen is that stock, from the factory
the NEGATIVE cable is bolted to a nut that is welded to the chassis.

The problem with this being that it is relying on, for the most part,
contact through the threads. As most people dont know, the contact patch around where the cable lug touches the chassis, is usually painted. This does not make a good conductor. Also for most of the upgrades, and addons that the average enthusiast installs, adds on even more electrical load. Best of all, most of the stock cable is usually cheap, and not very well made.

[b]Benefits from ITune Ignition Earth[/b]

01. Better noise filtering ( Built-in better noise cancellation )
02. Lightens Engine load and better engine rev power
03. Provides quicker and more responsive acceleration
04. Increases torque at low and ledium engine speeds
05. Provides a more stable and powerful torque
06. Eliminates ignition noise
07. Significantly increases the life-span of ignition coil and spark plugs
08. Increases overall engine efficiency

Price : $180 ( With installation together with Itune loop grounding for better results )

[b] 'I' Tune VS[/b]

[b]High quality loop grounding cables for better conductivity[/b]

'I' Tune VS's function is to minimize this fluctuation of voltage. The effect of this will be a more crisp signal to and from the sensors and actuators. This will allow the ECU to produce a more accurate voltage reading, resulting in more efficient engine output.

[b]How 'I' Tune VS benefits you?[/b]

- Improve throttle response
- Improve fuel economy from 4% up to 6%.
- Improve engine response and transmission
- Stabilizes idling as well as increases air conditioning efficiency.
- Quick engine start by improving ignition
- Lesser engine noise
- Optimize electrical equipment performance
- Extended battery life

Price : $130 = Normal Spec
( Comes with a switch and has a 2 way mode Spec in a VS )
Effect : Low = Smooth and responsive. Best For normal road driving.
High = Torquey n punchy. Best For highway use.

* Standalone grounding services @ $60 - $80 *
* IF u Bought Any iTune Products Then $40 For Grounding Offer From ME *

[b] 'I' Tune Spark VS[/b]


[b]What is 'I' Tune Spark VS ?[/b]

I' Tune Spark VS is designed n built with cutting edge technology. It connects in parallel to your vehicles inductive ignition coil. The performance module is installed without modifying the engine, at the same time respecting your vehicle’s reliability

'I' Tune Spark VS the inductive ignition coil rise and saturation time are positively minimized, assuring faster duration but higher intensity sparks. The revolutionary circuitry provides added storage energy to optimize any inductive ignition coil output performance by up to 50%

It will produce faster response, highly intensified and powerful sparks that ignite every fuel/air mixture quickly and completely, thus increasing engine efficiency, horsepower and torque where fuel consumption and hazardous emissions are decreased in the long run.

It will also increase engine power by generating powerful and optimized spark duration for more complete burning of fuel. An engine’s efficiency is improved without consumption of any additional fuel for better combustion, reduced carbon built-up and cleaner and longer lasting engines.

'I' Tune Spark VS will inductive coils with added storage energy to provide the perfect solution – “Intelligent Spark”, thus allowing engines to increase POWER without extensive mechanical modification, minimize fuel wastages and hazardous emissions by simply burning fuel efficiently and prolonging the catalytic converter’s life span.

* Increased horsepower & torque
* Better fuel mileage
* Easier engine starting
* Quicker acceleration
* Higher top speed
* Smoother running
* Less carbon built-up
* Less pollution

Official site :

Price : $130 Spec 1 = Blinking Blue
Price : $130 Spec 2 = Red
Price : $180 Spec 3 = Green ( Strong in torque specification )

'I' Tune Spark VS ( Spark Plug Booster )

Price : $130 = Spec 1 ( Best For AUTO RIDE n FC SetUp )
Effect : Lighten engine load, smooth n responsive

If with an additional add-on Spec 2,

Price : $130 = Spec 2 ( More for Performance )
Effect : Torquey and punchy feel . easier and better to accelerate )
( Proven with engine specification such as " iDSI , VTEC , I-VTEC , VTI , SIR , ESI , VVTI , VVT , GTI" )

If with an additional add-on Spec 3 9 ( Latest ),

Price : $180 = Spec 3
Effect : More torquey and promising butt feel after installing.
( Designed for more high speed n faster acceleration power during hard driving )

[b]ITune Water Vapour Injection System[/b]

Please click on the below picture to see how the system works :


A water injection installation also requires the carburetor enhancer (for carbureted vehicles) or the EFIE (for fuel injected vehicles), so that the fuel from the regular fuel system is reduced when water is added.

ITune water vapor injection system results in Torque & Power gain by just purely adding water into the ITune water vapour injection system . ( Imagine the Power Gains you get if you added a mixture of water or racing methanol )

The main function of this SETUP is to create a thin mist of liquid water vapour passeing into the inlet manifold via the fuel regulator. This produces a more efficient combustion in the cylinders, resulting in the ECU constantly increasing in fuelling mixture and thus gains more power. ( Cools The Air Intake ). Secondly it can also reduces the chances of detonation by spraying cool water into the cylinders too and its a very ideal setup for fuel injection and carburettor vehicles.

The evaporation of the water causes a cooling effect, lowering the temperature of the air in the cylinder. This increases the density of the air and so allows a greater mass of air to be taken in by the engine, which in turn allows more fuel to be burnt and so more power gain being produced. More importantly, cooling the air reduces the likelihood of "knock" and so allows the ignition timing to be advanced closer to optimum. As for Turbocharged vehicles, they would need to use a one-way valve to connect to the air intake of the inlet manifold.

Its a PLUG and PlAY device into an engine vacuum air pipe and claimed results/gains are improved performance and better fuel consumption. So start CHILLING out your engine now.

Price : $188 ( with installation )

[b]'I' Tune O2 Performance Module[/b]

While still complying with the manufacturer’s tolerated standards, the ITune-O2 unit is specially designed and programmed to remap the ECU to run under a different weather and driving conditions, which runs under a different output.

Price : $230 ( Top Sensor )
Price : $250 ( Below Sensor )

* Every unit comes with built-in override switch
Note : If switch is relocated to driver area " On/Off " switch will be $40

Gain of 2 bhps and above … (Depends on car make/model/set-up)
1. Increase in engine output torque
2. Better acceleration
3. Increase in top speed
4. Increase in fuel economy (Not for those heavy-footer)
5. Faster throttle response
6. Immediate response after Installation

[b]How we do it ?[/b]

[b]Q. Will this fit on my particular car? [/b]

A. If your car is equipped with electronic fuel injection, it will. 99% of cars manufactured after in or after 1988 are equipped with fuel injection. However, It will not work on turbocharged ngine .

[b]Q. Will my car perform / accelerate faster with this electronic device? [/b]

A. Yes !!! This is the whole point !!! And More Willing to GO Power .
Your car will perform and accelerate better at all RPM ranges. A must to have for better bhps gain , torque, gas mileage too.

[b]Q. Will this device damage my car ?[/b]

A. Absolutely not and its very safe. Since the altered signal will always stay within the car specifications, there is no way for your engine to get damaged in any way.

[b]Q. Will it works with my other mods ? [/b]

A. Its compatible with any aftermarket intakes or short ram. It will defintely works better with other performance upgrades, such as intake, performance exhaust, cold air induction piping, open-pod, carbon charger and drop-in filter etc.

And more...

Especially in our motherland, there are some engineering restrictions implemented to coop our engine performance as compared to the stock car used in the country of origin. The price to unleash this restricted power is never cheap and without the help of professional tuners, we will most possibly ended up burning more of our S11. Working with likewise peers internationally, we managed to pinpoint to one factor that the operation of injection / ignition system is significantly reduced to conform to the legislation here. Hence we decided to chip in this portion’s signal to regulate effectively engine output. Nevertheless, we do not claim to offer extra engine power, but we just merely restoring back the original performance of the current engine, disregrading some engineering restrictions applied without physically meddling with the original ECU setup.

Installation -

This simple, yet effective unit will allow you to boost the power output of your car engine. It consists of a small electronic device that is inserted between your car O2 sensor and the ECU. This is also know as a 'piggy back' device as it is externally connected to the main processing unit (the ECU). You will feel the gain instantly, no fooling around or expensive tuning necessary.

Note : Installation of the unit will be also solely installed by

Installation will result in cutting-in between the O2 sensor wiring during the installation

DISCLAIMER - Adding this product could invalidate your cars warranty.

Please be beware of other modules that requires you to buy installation kits that will come into extra cost.

* All 'I' Tune products come with 1 year warranty *

Appointment Timing :

Weekdays after 8pm, Weekends after 2pm

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Daniel Best

Number of posts : 12
Age : 43
Location : East Deviant, Tampines
Registration date : 2008-10-30

PostSubject: Re: Frameless wiper $22 / Customised Korean grade carmat $55   Wed Dec 17, 2008 7:50 pm

New items will be added soon.... Stay tuned !!!
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Daniel Best

Number of posts : 12
Age : 43
Location : East Deviant, Tampines
Registration date : 2008-10-30

PostSubject: Re: Frameless wiper $22 / Customised Korean grade carmat $55   Mon Jan 12, 2009 8:05 am

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PostSubject: Re: Frameless wiper $22 / Customised Korean grade carmat $55   

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Frameless wiper $22 / Customised Korean grade carmat $55
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